Where do we
go from here?

A compassionate road-map for wildfire survivors.
Living through a wildfire can feel devastating. Navigating the road home can be very emotional, but you are not alone! 

Surviving Evacuation

While you’re under evacuation, focus on self-care. Remember, you are safe now. No need to make decisions about your future; there will be time for that later. Learn how to best assess your situation by watching part 1 of our 3 part series.

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Should we rebuild?

It's common during an evacuation to hear news or rumors about the condition of your home or property. Until you’ve seen the condition with your own eyes, you will not know anything for sure. Learn what to do first when authorities announce it's safe for re-entry.

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The Rebuild Journey: Things to Know

If you and your family have decided that you want to stay and rebuild your home, here are some key things to remember as you assemble your rebuild team.

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Helpful information and free resources


If you live in a High Fire Hazard Area, being prepared will ease some of the stress in an evacuation.


Your number one concern is safety; a place to stay, enough funds and critical medications are the priority.


Get the facts, learn about the process, and research your options to save time and money down the road.