Set a goal to be fully prepared by the next fire season.

We have collected some of the best resources available, all in one place, so you don’t have to wade through time consuming web searches.

In an evacuation, having everything you need will empower you to cope effectively with the bigger challenges you may be facing.

Install apps and set up alerts; CalFire, FEMAand the Red Cross will all have important announcements to make during an evacuation. Itwill be easier to receive text alerts – don’texpect to rely on social media feeds; they maybe slow or inaccessible.


CalFire Prepare for Wildfire Brochure

Comprehensive checklists & action plans

FEMA Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

An excellent resourcefor ensuring access tofunds during a disaster

FEMA Emergency Kit

A checklist and guidefor a basic EmergencySupply Kit.

CalFire Wildfire Action Plan

Create a plan that is personalized for your family. Communication plans, designated meeting areas, andan individual checklist for each family member ensure at the moment of evacuation, you’ll all know where to meet up and check in.

Red Cross Wildfire Safety

Learn how to keep your family and home safe during a wildfire. Here you will find go-kits, first aid kits, checklists, and quizzes. This is truly a comprehensive resource for preparedness.

CalFire “Ready For Wildfire”

California-specific information from the State fire authority. Learn how to download the CalFire app, sign up for alerts, and use the web-based tool to help create your own preparedness plan.

CalFire Insurance andFinancial Preparedness

Insurance is a critical back-up plan that enables us to rebuild after a wildfire. Incase that disaster strikes, it’s of the up most importance to make sure your family’s financial safety net is in place. Follow CalFire’s TIPS as part of your wildfire preparedness plan.

Learn how to download the FEMA apps and receive real-time alerts nationwide. Sign up for community alerts in your area to be aware of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA), which requires no-sign up.

CDC Prepare for a Wildfire

Learn about your community’s evacuation plans, how to gather emergency supplies and how to keep wildfire smoke out of your home. Find resources to locate and track wildfires across North America including tracking fires so you can be ready.

Install apps & sign up for alerts from your utility to stay informed about service outages/re-establishment of service